Royal Goedewaagen; four centuries of tradition in ceramics

In the people's ceramic works 'De Star' from the Gouda based family De Jong, simple day to day usable items in ceramics are produced, generally glossy glazed items in yellow or green executions. Year after year, hundreds of these items find their way to the customers.

Dirck Goedewaagen becomes a part of an important ceramic pipe-makers guild in the city of Gouda. Tobacco, imported through the Dutch East Indies Company (VOC), is being smoked increasingly. Dirck's grandson, Pieter, also a pipemaker, will fall in love later with a daughter of the De Jong family and marry her.

Pieter Goedewaagen buys the 'De Star' factory from his father in law, Aart de Jong. This becomes the basis of the Goedewaagen company today. More take-overs follow, making Goedewaagen the largest pipe factory in the Netherlands.

By acquiring 'De Distel', an Amsterdam based ceramic factory, Goedewaagen acquires outstanding specialists in producing Jugendstil and Art Deco type of ceramics. Famous designs from the world famous designers Bert Nienhuis, Carel Adolph Lion Cachet and Willem Hendrik van Norden (a.o.) become classical examples of decorated ceramics from this period. The newly granted 'Royal' charter combined with developments into dinnerware items in the 1930's make Royal Goedewaagen a forerunner in dutch ceramics production.

By buying the assets from the world famous ceramics factory 'Plateelbakkerij Zuid Holland' , Royal Goedewaagen enters new development fields, including the production of the world famous miniature ceramic delft houses which has been carried out ever since.

After finishing a move, requiring 21 years, of the production facility from the crowded city of Gouda to the quiet north-east of the country, the now fully integrated company starts expanding into large export markets, notably the USA, which becomes an important market for museum-reproduction types of Delft ceramics. The technical developments necessary to accomodate this type of production leads to diversification into other export markets.

Royal Goedewaagen proudly presents its company museum, in which the rich history of Dutch ceramics, and Royal Goedewaagen's role in that is displayed in ever changing exhibitions. Professional curator Friggo Visser manages to get thousands of people a year to come and see the rich history. Also cooperation with important Dutch museums leads to travelling expositions of Dutch history not seen before. Also in 1989 the take-over of the also former Gouda-based factory 'Flora' gives Royal Goedewaagen new access to fields in which Flora is strong, such as design ceramics, developed by famous dutch artists.

Start of a new millennium. As before, RG is essentially an art work shop, where many products are still made by hand. But due to the influence of new technology and its integration Royal Goedewaagen is ready for the new millennium, with oustanding quality production at affordable prices.




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