Museum collection

Besides our own collection Royal Goedewaagen is collaborating with both the Van Gogh museum as well as the Rijksmuseum. Royal Goedewaagen got inspired by several masterpieces from the mentioned museums and are being used in creating handmade ceramic Royal Goedewaagen products. The collection is diverse and varies from unique tulip vases to pencil cases and ceramic mug series. These products are ideal if you are looking for a special and original gift.

Museumcollectie Vincent Van Gogh Collectie
Vincent van Gogh collection
In close collaboration with the Van Gogh museum Royal Goedewaagen manufactures the Van Gogh Collection. Ceramic gifts inspired by the masterpieces of Vincent van Gogh. Every masterpiece has got its own history and the history is processed in this col
Museumcollectie Rijksmuseum
In close collaboration with the Rijksmuseum Royal Goedewaagen created a unique collection for the Rijksmuseum which consists of ceramic gifts inspired by several masterpieces from the museum itself.