Custom made tableware

The custom made tableware collection; completely tailor-made and traditionally crafted. A custom made design shows a combination of designs for and by designers for and by customers. The realization of designs by national and international designers fit the tradition where designers can often freely experiment in the factory and to which they can rely on a centuries-old traditional craftsmanship. This ensures surprising collaborations and special and personal tableware collections.

De groene lantaarn
De groene lantaarn
Historic Design Culinary first-rate In 2015 it is unlikely that a 5000 year old funnel beaker, a boulder from Drenthe that derives from the ice age, a traditional Dutch wooden shoe, an electuary from Drenthe and an 18th century traditional Dutch clay
Servies Op Maat Hunnebed Servies
Hunnebed servies
A collaboration between Royal Goedewaagen and design studio SMOOL resulted in this unique tableware. A unique and daily usable tableware, designed and inspired by products from the Stone Age.
Black White Collectie
Black & White Collection
In this unique handcrafted black & white collection traditional shapes and modern design come together. The traditional shape will remind one of the earlier days, while the colors make the collection feel more contemporary.
Architecten van Mourik - Royal Goedewaagen
Architecten van Mourik
Unique tableware, especially designed by the Architecten van Mourik for the Utrechtlab concept in commission of the province of Utrecht. In close collaboration with Piet Grouls and Camilla Casiccia of the company Architecten van Mourik and produced b