Royal Goedewaagen is famous for its detailed and many Blue Delft miniatures. Like no other business we shape miniatures of very different originals. Moreover, the most modern techniques are used to get results that excel in color and shape. The first Blue Delft miniature of a historic building was made in 1932. Since then, more than 400 Blue Delft miniatures have been made for different customers worldwide.

Peace Palace
Peace Palace
Royal Goedewaagen is absolutely honored to have been asked to create a special gift that represents the extraordinary relationship between The Netherlands and the UN: a replica of the Peace Palace, the only UN main body outside New York, hand-painted
Miniaturen Koningsdam
For the inauguration of Ms Koningsdam the Holland America Line commissioned Royal Goedewaagen to create, besides the Koningsdam plates, also a ceramics miniature of the ship to celebrate this new Pinnacle Class vessel.
Slotje Limburg - Miniaturen - Eindresultaat - Dicht Dakje
The Limburg Castle
The Limburg castle or House Limburg is a tiny castle in Oosterhout, established at the Slotlaan. From November 2012 onwards it is used as the headquarter of the business De Haan Minerale Oliën.
Miniaturen Pioneering Spirit
Pioneering Spirit
The Pioneering Spirit is a dynamic positioned vessel for single-lifting installation and removal of the big offshore oil & gas platforms and the installation of oil & gas pipelines. The Pioneering Spirit is completely in-house designed and in