Ceramics do not have any limits. Royal Goedewaagen combines the traditionally crafted art of ceramics with modern techniques. This creates surprising possibilities in shaping, manufacturing and applying. One can hardly think of a shape, which cannot be crafted in the beauty of ceramics. In clear stylistic shapes or with detailed finesse. A single art object or a series production. As a gift or commodity. Each item is crafted expertly and with love for the profession. A number of recent projects pictured:

Projecten Koningsdambord
Koningsdam plate
Holland America Line commissions Royal Goedewaagen to create a unique plate for the dedication of Ms Koningsdam. In addition to the standard plates, two special hand-painted plates were created.
Projecten Zwollevaas
Zwolle vase
A handmade ceramic vase by Royal Goedewaagen. The upper side of the vase is designed in the shape of the city Zwolle. The unique vase consists, because of the Thorbeckegracht, of two different compartments.
Royal tile
Royal tile
A special collaboration between an artist and our pottery factory resulted in the realization of a unique official portrait of His Majesty King Willem-Alexander in ceramics pottery.
150 years Heineken
86.000 miniature Heineken breweries, traditionally crafted in ceramics and exported to 140 countries worldwide. Royal Goedewaagen made a ceramic copy of Heineken’s first brewery from 1864.