Stadsherstel miniature for preservation of monuments

Stadsherstel miniature for preservation of monuments

‘Stadsherstel Amsterdam’ created a Blue Delft miniature of the ‘disappeared NACO-house’. The organization wants to bring back the original house to Amsterdam by crowdfunding. To thank the great benefactors, the benefactors will receive a unique gift in the form of a blue and white miniature house. Fans of Amsterdam and monuments can start assembling a new collection and support heritage at the same time. And Blue Delft miniature collectors can expand their assembly with the first Stadsherstel miniature.

First Stadsherstel miniature
Stadsherstel Amsterdam, a renovating organization that has over 600 monuments in possession, started 60 years ago with saving monuments in the city center of Amsterdam. It appears that the organization is more often in need of contributions of individuals in order to keep saving monuments. To thank its benefactors for their donations from €500 or more, Stadsherstel created their first miniature. The blue and white cottage contains number 1. Hopefully more ceramic houses follow, so that more monuments can be saved. And (potential) collectors can collect their unique Stadsherstel street.

For decades airline KLM has been given Blue Delft miniature houses to their Business Class passengers. Ceramic houses with distinctive facades of prominent Dutch buildings, such as Palace the Dam. Real collector items for people who often fly. Stadsherstel found the cottages so charming that they decided to create their own little cottage at the same pottery factory, Royal Goedewaagen.

400 years pottery with passion
Royal Goedewaagen created their first Blue Delft miniature of a historic building in 1932. They have been manufacturing pottery with care and dedication for more than 400 years. Royal Goedewaagen is the only business in the Netherlands that manufactures pottery according to the traditional manner and therefore deserves the predicate ‘national ceramic heritage’. In short, true love for traditional craft, exactly what Stadsherstel stands for.

‘The disappeared NACO-cottage’
The blue and white cottage is a miniature of an extraordinary wooden building which was located on the IJ-side of the Amsterdam Central Station. The building was designed by architect Guillaime La Croix from the ‘Amsterdamse School’ and built in 1919 in commission of ‘J.G. Koppe’s Scheepsagentuur’. The cottage was moved temporarily to Zaandam in 2004. Stadsherstel Amsterdam wants to bring this unique monument back to Amsterdam with the help of benefactors.

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