A Joint Venture between Royal Goedewaagen and Friesland Porzellan

A Joint Venture between Royal Goedewaagen and Friesland Porzellan

The Royal Goedewaagen Group, with its headquarters in the North East of The Netherlands, has formed a Joint Venture with Friesland Porzellan from the Northern region of Germany. Both traditional ceramic manufacturers have formed a new corporate group: Royal Goedewaagen (RGW) Friesland Porcelain Group. This international collaboration is unique in the industry.

Royal Goedewaagen was founded in 1610 in Gouda and is one of the oldest companies in Europe in the field of customized ceramics and exclusive gift items. Two years ago the company bought the tile factory Albarello, situated in Menaldum, Friesland, operating in the field op restauration and customized tiles.

The newly founded RGW Friesland Porzellan Group operates at 4 locations: in Germany, two locations in the Netherlands and in Belgium. The aim of the new group of companies is to use its craftsmanship to provide customers with first-class, locally produced ceramic products, as the companies have been doing for over 400 years.

Mrs. Kooi, Managing Director of Royal Goedewaagen, after her first meeting with Friesland Porzellan: “I was very impressed by the quality and efficiency of the factory and by the commitment of the employees. This passion is also one of the characteristics of Royal Goedewaagen; we want to keep the craftsmanship alive, together with our customers.”

By using all competence centers in the group, the product range and the quality will continue to increase. The new group will offer a wide range of products, from tableware to exclusive gift items and home accessories.

Source: Dagblad van het Noorden, Bouke Nielsen, 11 January 2019