Delft Blue miniature of the “Haarlemmerpoort”

Blauw met witte miniatuur van de Haarlemmerpoort

Delft Blue miniature of the “Haarlemmerpoort”

KLM created, in collaboration with Royal Goedewaagen, Delft Blue miniatures of canal houses. As we are huge fans of these well-known giveaways by KLM, we have created our own miniature collection. Consequently, benefactors of Stadsherstel will receive a miniature of the “Haarlemmerpoort”, to thank them for their generous contribution.

This new campaign was reason to launch a new Stadsherstel miniature, just like we did with the other two crowdfunding campaigns. We believe we did a fine job in creating a miniature of the “Haarlemmerpoort”. You can see it yourself; the miniature fits perfectly with its siblings (the NACO-house and the tiny police station).

Again, Royal Goedewaagen worked its magic and created a third miniature with love and true craftsmanship. Miniature three will be handed out in case a donation of at least €500,- has been made to the “Haarlemmerpoort”. If you wish to collect the other Stadsherstel miniatures as well and create your own Stadsherstel collection, make sure that you donate to the “Haarlemmerpoort”.

Here, you will find more information about our crowdfunding campaign and miniature.

Go behind the scenes as a collector of the “Haarlemmerpoort” miniature
The benefactors whom received a miniature, or will still receive a miniature, have the opportunity to go behind the scenes to see the making of the “Haarlemmerpoort” miniature. Royal Goedewaagen is established in Nieuw-Buinen, where they welcome us to join a tour through the pottery factory and ceramics museum to see for yourself how the handmade miniatures are created.

When: Wednesday June 6th or Thursday June 7th, 12 – 2 PM.
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