Royal Goedewaagen will be opening a Delft Blue studio and shop in the historic fortress town Bourtange

Lutje Winkeltje Handgeschilderde tegels

Royal Goedewaagen will be opening a Delft Blue studio and shop in the historic fortress town Bourtange

The pottery factory Royal Goedewaagen, established in Nieuw Buinen, will be opening a Delft Blue studio and shop before the end of the year in the historic fortress town Bourtange. Former ‘t Lutje Winkeltje has been established for nearly 40 years at this particular spot in Bourtange. To honor the history of the in 1978 reconstructed building the studio will be named after the former shop: ‘t Lutje Winkeltje by Royal Goedewaagen.

 General director Yvonne Kooi: “Acquiring and opening an external artist studio and shop at an extraordinary historic site has been a deeply cherished wish of the traditional pottery factory Royal Goedewaagen, a pottery factory which has already been established in 1610 in Gouda. By means of this acquisition we hope to enlarge the visibility of our craftsmanship and the traditional handcraft. Besides our shop at the factory in Nieuw Buinen, we will now also be present at the historic site which is being visited by our main target groups”.

Increasing international tourism

 Royal Goedewaagen aims to contribute to the growth of international tourism to the northern part of the Netherlands by means of opening an artist studio in Bourtange. Yvonne Kooi: “We are the leading manufacturer of traditional Delft Blue ceramics and inspiring Gouds Plateel. Moreover, we are known for the authentic Delft Blue tiles and ceramic miniatures. Basically, traditional products all tourists from Asia and other parts of the world are looking for. As well as our eastern neighbors who show great interest in Dutch traditional ornamental pottery as well. We, as Royal Goedewaagen, highly value Dutch heritage, both in terms of our own work as well as this fortress and its activities and are therefore hoping to create a positive movement towards this beautiful part of the Netherlands”.

Fortress Bourtange

The fortress town Bourtange is closely located to the factory of Royal Goedewaagen. Around 250,000 people are yearly visiting Bourtange, which makes Bourtange one of the main touristic sites of the province of Groningen. The fully renovated fortress town perfectly illustrates what the fortress town looked like back in the 18th century. Throughout the year, various activities take place that bring visitors back in time during which various battles are reenacted and while the fortress is “under siege”. During these events, soldiers and habitants of Bourtange are always dressed accordingly in traditional clothing.

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