Second Stadsherstel miniature is out now: The tiny police station

Second Stadsherstel miniature is out now: The tiny police station

We did it! Our second miniature is out now! Again, this miniature is produced by Royal Goedewaagen, the pottery factory that manufactured the well-known KLM miniatures as well. Our houses completely fit with these miniatures. The miniature of the tiny police station, as well as miniature #1 – the NACO cottage – can be acquired when donating to the tiny police station.

Royal Goedewaagen – a specialist in the field of miniature houses

Royal Goedewaagen created their first Blue Delft miniature of a historic building in 1932. They also produced the well-known miniature houses of the KLM collection. The airline has been giving miniature ceramic canal houses for over 60 years to all her Business Class passengers. These are often salient gables and remarkable Dutch buildings, like “Palace De Dam”. These miniatures are true collector items, which are already collected by some prominent collectors, like ministers from all over the world, captains of industry, famous writers, international artists and diverse members of the Royal family, like His Majesty the King Willem-Alexander. Collectors of these items can be found anywhere. There even exists websites where information about different miniatures is shared and where miniatures are exchanged and sold.

Stadsherstel miniature collection

To us, the KLM miniatures are so charming that we decided to create our own little house at the pottery factory Royal Goedewaagen. The first cottage was our NACO cottage. It could be acquired at a minimum donation of €500,- during the crowdfunding campaign for bringing back the monument to Amsterdam.

Especially designed for generous donations to the tiny police station

For our crowdfunding project ‘The smallest police station of the Netherlands’, we created a Blue Delft miniature as well. You can get hold of this beautiful and foremost unique collector’s item by donating a minimum amount of €250,-. If you still haven’t acquired our first miniature than you will receive both miniatures at a minimum donation of €750,- together with a few other ‘thank you gifts’. Your donation will support our crowdfunding project in which we hope to give the real police station, which is closed now, a bright new future that hopefully everybody can enjoy.

Ceramic heritage goes through at least seven pairs of hands

Royal Goedewaagen has been producing its pottery with most care and dedication for over 400 years. They are unique in that they are the only pottery factory in the Netherlands which crafts according to traditional manners and traditions. Therefore, they deserve the predicate ‘national ceramic heritage’. In short: true love for craftsmanship, precisely the value Stadsherstel values the most.

Every miniature goes through at least seven pairs of hands. In eight steps we will introduce you to the interesting production process.

  1. From a drawing, a mold is created with try-out castings. It is now possible to make small adjustments to the mold.
  2. After approval the definitive mold is manufactured. This mold is being used to make the casting molds and guarantees a continuous copy of the original.
  3. This casting mold leaves joints in the clay miniature which will then be cleared away and sponged over.
  4. After that, the clay needs to dry for several days and the miniatures will go into the oven for the first time where they will be stoked at a temperature of 1080 degrees Celsius for a period of 8 hours.
  5. The snow white baked goods which come straight out of the oven is called biscuit. This biscuit is painted by hand and will be stoked at a lower temperature.
  6. Subsequently, the miniatures are glazed and once again stoked at this lower temperature.
  7. The word ‘police’ and the numbers will then be applied using a traditional transfer technique, together with the logo of Stadsherstel and Royal Goedewaagen.
  8. Lastly, the miniature will go into the oven one last time before they are finished.

Collect your own miniature Stadsherstel street and contribute to preservation of our monuments!

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