Wilhelmina is brought home

Wilhelmina is brought home

A tile painting of Wilhelmina was revealed in Ceramic Museum Goedewaagen in Nieuw-Buinen last February 2nd.

Ceramic Museum Goedewaagen has a true showpiece: an official portrait of Wilhelmina of The Netherlands painted in 1891 on a tile painting. After a company visit of the members of VNO-NCW North, chairman Alfred Welink had the honor to reveal the showpiece.

What is immediately striking about the painted portrait created by Daniël Harkink in the fall of 1891, is the fact that the ten year old princess had the same powerful and tough attitude as she radiates in the pictures which are taken of her in the period of World War II. “Even more remarkable, I have spoken to people who saw comparisons to the three daughters of Willem-Alexander”, says curator Friggo Visser. The fact that the princess is depicted in mourning clothes has to with the dead of her father, King Willem III, in 1890.

Collector Dirk-Jan Nienhuis is proud owner of the tile painting. He bought his showpiece at an auction in Hilversum and put it on loan as crown jewelry of the pottery factory Royal Goedewaagen. You could say that Wilhelmina was brought home in Nieuw-Buinen. “In 1898 Goedewaagen created a clay pipe on the occasion of the inauguration as Queen. She was only eighteen years old”, says Friggo Visser. Visser was happy that the museum was able to seize the tile painting. “Painter Daniël Harkink was the founder of a period in which pottery from The Netherlands was tremendously popular”.

Director Yvonne Kooi is overwhelmed by compliments. The guests of VNO-NCW North are truly impressed. “Magnificent and very unique. I am going to tell anyone about this experience”, says career coach Edith Wisman. “My expectations were already really high, since I experienced working with ceramics myself at the Minerva Academy. It was great to get the chance to have a look behind the scenes at such a traditional company”.

Source: Dagblad van het Noorden, 03-02-2017, page 22.