Albarello, established in Menaldum, is Royal Goedewaagen’s newest subsidiary. A traditional Dutch company where the art of traditional tile making and pottery painting is being taught from generation to generation. A centuries-old tradition executed by the Albarello team full of passion and enthusiasm. The well-known tile factory is specialized in the following categories: modern & traditional tile art, the traditional ‘witjes’ and restauration of authentic tiles.

Within our modern tiles category, we created an exclusive line which is characterized by new colors, fabrics and materials especially developed for modern and contemporary interiors. The traditional tile line is characterized by classic and contemporary paintings on tiles and tile tableaus. All the paintings are hand-painted and traditionally crafted. The Frisian ‘witjes’, a product which derives from the 17th century, is traditionally crafted as well in the Albarello factory. Still according to 17th century recipe in a wide range of colors and in original size.

Besides that, Albarello offers you the opportunity to be creative and come up with ideas yourself. You can think of business gifts, or a custom made tile tableau, plate or vase. Albarello is open to all your wishes and ideas. Just let us know. If you wish more detailed information, please visit the website of Albarello.


Albarello is specialized in the field of monumental restauration and the reproduction of authentic floor, wall and ceiling tiles. The original production process is completely analyzed by the professionals of the Albarello team. That gives Albarello the possibility to reproduce the exact same tiles and other iconic construction materials that fit the authentic construction materials. Through experience, knowledge and detailed testing we get to the right colors, glazes, tactility and tile shapes.

We deliver custom designed tiles and manufacture the tiles in our own factory. Besides the traditional techniques, Albarello follows and uses the most innovative production techniques in the field of ceramics, so that the most innovative reproduction possibilities can be applied.

The slideshow that is shown above shows one of our restauration projects, namely the tile tableaus at the Rijksmuseum’s gables. Many tiles were seriously damaged and needed to be replaced by a renovated tile. The colors, style of painting and appearance needed to fit the authentic tiles. Besides that, the “new” tiles needed to connect in such a way with the remaining tableaus that one could not tell the difference. A tough, but very interesting job. We must say, we are proud of the final result.