Miniature Moments Heineken

Havas Ireland reached out to Royal Goedewaagen with a unique request. They wanted to know whether it was possible for us to create a ‘large miniature’. A miniature of such a size that it can be placed on a bar and in which a beer tap can be placed. We accepted this challenge with great pleasure, which led to the realization of three beautiful replicas of Ireland’s most well-known pubs.

The Havas story:

Heineken has long-established partnerships with Iris pubs, but, due to increased competitive pressures, needed a way to stand out at front of bar, and cement their relationship with pubs long into the future.

We immortalized the histories of Heineken, and iconic Dublin pubs, using the uniquely Dutch craft of blue Delftware to create one-of-a-kind bar taps – exact scale models of the pubs they’re in, handcrafted and hand painted by the craftsmen of Royal Goedewaagen.

This campaign boosted Heineken’s front of bar presence by creating unique miniature monuments, installations that will endure as tributes to Heineken’s relationship with Dublin pubs for years to come.