Silhouette vases

The pottery factory Royal Goedewaagen possesses a unique design-concept with the geographic silhouette vases designed by Sander Alblas. Besides the in four sizes and multiple colors available Dutch vase, Royal Goedewaagen also manufactured the ‘Drenthe-vase’ for the county board and Marketing Drenthe; the North of Holland vase for the employers’ organization VNO-NCW; the Noord-Brabant vase on the occasion of the inauguration of the newly built Noord-Brabant museum; the United States of America vase, which, among other things, can be bought on board of the cruise ships of the Holland America Line; the orange and land registry versions of the Holland vase and recently the Groningen vase.

Design by Sander Alblas, handmade by Royal Goedewaagen.